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Tusker Agbo recovering now – Vet

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The treatment of Agbo tusker started last July 19 and by that time the elephant was staying in Tirappane Ulagalla wewa area. Since then, he has traveled 25 km for 11 days and now the tusker is staying in Tirappane Labunoruwa reserve.

Veterinarian Jayantha Jayasinghe stated that due to the treatment given to the elephant, Agbo’s health condition is improving. He added that while the external wounds are healing,

the broken bones and infection status are still being treated. A scan is to be carried on the leg of tusker Agbo which was found to have sustained gunshot injuries. Environmentalist Nayanaka Ranwella said that even though the speed of walking of the tusker has improved, he is becoming fragile.

He stressed the importance of expediting the treatment to the tusker. The tusker had been injured by a trap gun a month ago. However the treatment process started on July 20. Veterinary surgeons of the Pandulagama Wildlife office are providing treatment to the Tusker.

They said that the Tusker is presently located in a thick jungle 35 km away from the main road.

Wildlife officials have managed to reach the location to provide treatment to the Tusker.

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