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Twenty Seven per cent of teachers have been vaccinated

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“As of Monday (19), 97 per cent teachers of the Western Province, 73 per cent of the Uva Province, 60 per cent of the Northern Province, 60 per cent of the Central, 27 per cent of the Eastern, 93 per cent of the Southern, 59 per cent of the North Western, 60 per cent of the Sabaragamuwa Province have been vaccinated, making a total of 193,440 teachers who have been fully vaccinated, State Minister Premajayantha said. The State Minister was responding to the Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa under the Standing Order 27/2.

“Although the syllabus of all schools is not fully covered, the Government is expecting to give the second vaccination to school academic and non-academic staff and to start schools at two phases,” he said. State Minister Premajayantha informed the House that he hopes to give priority to A/L students and students to sit for the Scholarship Examination and to cover the syllabus by the end of October.”

“The practical training required for the Advanced Level subjects will be completed after the commencement of schools and the practical examinations will be conducted after the written test for the aesthetic subjects as has been done so far. All arrangements have been made to cover practical activities that are not currently covered in all science subjects using video technology,” State Minister Premajayantha added.

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