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Two Mallavi PCs in Bribery net for accepting Rs.15,000

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Two officers working in the Mallavi Police were arrested by the officers of the Investigation Commission for Bribery or Corruption Allegations on August 30 for requesting a Rs.25,000 bribe to not enforce the law against a driver who operated a backhoe without a driving and revenue licence and while collecting Rs.15,000 from the total from the backhoe driver.

A Constable and a Sergeant have been arrested for carrying out this illegal activity.

The Bribery or Corruption Allegations Investigation Commission states that the constable was arrested for receiving bribe money and the Sergeant was arrested for aiding and abetting the same.

The constable who was arrested along with a sergeant attached to the Mallavi Police station stopped and checked a backhoe while on duty the other day.

At that time, the driver did not have a driver’s licence and the vehicle’s revenue licence. The Constable has demanded Rs. 25,000 from the driver not to enforce the law in that regard.

It is said that when he could not escape from the Constable, the driver gave him Rs.12,500. Then the constable took the driver’s national identity card and phone number and released the driver saying that the national identity card will be given after paying the remaining amount.

A senior police officer said that the driver was called from time to time and asked to bring Rs.15,000 to avoid being prosecuted and the driver had complained to the Bribery Commission.

The officer said that the driver had come to the police station on August 30 with the Bribery Commission officers and at that time the Constable came with the Sergeant and took the balance money in front of the police garage. At that time, Bribery Commission officers arrested both officers.The Investigation Division of the Bribery Commission stated that legal proceedings are being taken against them.

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