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Two monks arrested over Buru Muna’s escape from Airport Police custody

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The Western Province (South) Crime Division of the Police arrested two monks who were allegedly involved in the incident where a wanted criminal arrested by the Emigration Officers at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA), Katunayake had escaped while in the custody of the Airport Police on Friday night, Police said.

The car hired by the monks to reach the Airport Police from the Hettipola area was also taken into custody along with its driver at Hettipola, police said.

The suspect against whom an overseas travel ban has been issued by the Court in connection with several crimes committed by him was arrested at the BIA while attempting to leave for Dubai under a fake name.

The suspect, Kalumini Ravindu Sankha alias Buru Muna is alleged to have committed the murder of the restaurant owner in Hanwella on December 18. The Police had obtained an overseas travel ban against him from the Avissawella Magistrate Court on January 3, this year following this murder.

It has been revealed that the three monks including a novice monk had arrived at the airport Police station in order to negotiate  with the Police to get the arrested suspect released on the instructions of large-scale drug smuggler Lalith Kannangara, who is currently in Dubai.

“The arrested monks are Ven. Poththewala Indrasara Thera, the Chief Incumbent of Sri Jaya Lankarama Temple in Rittadeniya, Hettipola and Ven. Divulwewa Deepananda Thera. The car driver K.W. Dilan (27) is a resident of Kalubowitiyana, Ambewela.

The 11-year-old novice monk, who was accompanied by the arrested monks, is currently under the guardianship of Police,” Police said.

The Chief Incumbent Thera has confessed to the Police that Lalith Kannangara and he are close friends since they attended the same Pirivena for Education.

Police have also taken into custody the luggage belonging to the wanted criminal arrested at the airport along with the monks.

Four Police officers including the OIC, a Police Sergeant and two Police Constables attached to the Airport Police were also arrested in connection with the escape of the suspect from the Police custody earlier and the sergeant was remanded by the Court until March 3 while others were released on bail. Police are investigating.



Tuesday, February 28, 2023 – 01:00

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