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UK based ARCHNIX shifts development wing to Sri Lanka

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UK based IT company ARCHNIX has shifted its development wing to Sri Lanka and Lankan IT professionals would engage in product development for its UK client base. For this purpose several separate teams such as design, mobile development, project management and admin have been established.

These entities would be further strengthened by offering internships to Lankan IT graduates, ARCHNIX Group Chairman Kinthusan Thevakumar said. ARCHNIX has also expanded to India opening its Quality Assurance and Client Support Operations in New Delhi India and would also be moving into Singapore and Canada soon . ARCHNIX has also introduced a new concept to the National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA) to develop their students according to industry needs. This program has met good progress and NAITA students would be offered internship and training by ARCHNIX. Also career development and awareness programs too will be carried out for IT students out of Colombo in the down South, Central Province and North Central Province. Thevakumar said they would provide 6 to 12 month internships to Lanka IT graduates which would give them international exposure. Also ARCHNIX would moot a new concept ‘one day recruitment’ in October to select IT graduates from Lankan universities who will pass out during that period.

He also said ARCHNIX would help to provide know- how, technology and the funding to startups for IT graduates to form their own IT firms and become entrepreneurs themselves which would be a first such initiative in Sri Lanka. ARCHNIX also would launch its own App to support its international clients and customers soon.

They would also put out the product as a SaaS based system and also sell it to other companies so that they can do their own branding and support their own clients.

He said they would also develop an internal HR system and for security purposes develop everything on their own. Thevakumar said they were exploring opportunities in the Colombo Port City and discussions would be mooted soon.

Archmex has also negotiated to invest in a sports website in Sri Lanka and plans to develop the application mobile app plus the websites and get the technology collaborating with the sports and find out the ways how technology can be used in the sports sector to make things more easier and get the news to the consumers and audience through the technology.

He said they have covered the main sectors in Sri Lanka education, healthcare, fintech and finance which they already have clients but with regard to the sports sector they were looking at the opportunity to get into the sector and would take the opportunity to study the market.

The website would concentrate on multiple sports. He said it would be a challenge to use the technology in this sector and hope to introduce live streaming and scoring systems online with latest sports news. Thevakumar said they would look at targeting schools and clubs and get start ups and gradually build up an audience and would use several more strategies to popularize the website.

Thursday, September 29, 2022 – 01:00

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