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Ukrainian violinist plays in bomb shelter as attacks continue

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Two Ukranian soldiers get married on battlefield
Ukraine couple Lesya and Valeriy getting married on the battlefield.

UKRAINE: Ukrainians have been living underground due to continuous shelling by Russian forces, which have penetrated deep into the country. Now, a powerful video has emerged from the war-hit country, which shows a violinist performing in a bomb shelter amid the attacks.

The video has moved the users on social media, who claimed that the young girl is playing Ukrainian song “Nich Yaka Misyachna (what a moonlit night)”.

This is yet another video showing how Ukrainians are overcoming the fear of bombing and living their lives. A few days ago, a girl laying Ukrainian national anthem on a flute in a bomb shelter during the shelling of Lysychansk had gone viral. The users on social media have called the video of the violinist “hauntingly powerful” and it has been viewed 1.3 million times on Twitter. “This makes me cry,” a user posted on Twitter. Reddit user Lokican said, “It shows the endurance of the human spirit.”

Praising the efforts of the young violinist, a user from Ukraine commented: “Our talented people will never be broken by nobody!”

Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine has killed thousands, and uprooted millions from their homes. Amidst this chaos, the story of a couple getting married on the frontlines, donned in military uniform and serenaded by soldiers, is winning the internet. Videos circulating on social media platforms show the pair – Lesya and Valeriy – who are with the territorial defence, celebrating the nuptials near Kyiv. Lesya can be seen holding a bouquet of flowers and both have champagne flute glasses in their hands. Lesya and Valeriy are surrounded by their comrades who are heard singing the local tunes. One of the soldiers is seen playing tunes on a traditional Ukrainian musical instrument.

The bride is seen wearing a white veil, instead of a camouflaged helmet, and holding Valeriy’s hands.

The video was first shared by Paul Ronzheimer, reporter for German news outlet Bild. It was later picked by several others, and has been viewed thousands of times now. – NDTV

Wednesday, March 9, 2022 – 01:00

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