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UNP Councillor alleges JVP embezzled Rs. 5 Mn from Hungama Cooperative Society

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From the monies received by the Hungama Cooperative Society to buy paddy, Rs. five million have been allegedly embezzled when the JVP was in power, says UNP Councillor R.P. Chandra Kumara at the monthly council meeting held recently.

According to Chandra Kumara, the Hambantota District Secretariat had allocated Rs.six million to the Hungama Cooperative Society under the Government’s paddy purchase programme and only Rs. one million has been returned to the Government and the remaining Rs. five million has not yet been returned. 

He also alleged that when the Hungama Cooperative Society was under the control of the JVP, the Angunakolapalassa large-scale rice mill and the Lunama seed processing center owned by the cooperative society were also closed.

The Councillor also alleged that the Cooperative Society had 42 branches and during that administration, 37 branches were closed. The Councillor questioned how the JVP which cannot even run a Cooperative Society could run a Pradeshiya Sabha if it comes to power.



Tuesday, February 28, 2023 – 01:00

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