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Victoria Country Resort – best golf course in Asia

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It is rated as the number one golf course in the country. This golf course can match any such facility in the world.

This golf course was also voted as the ‘Best in Asia’ by the Asian Golf Monthly. This golf course stretches across the hilly central province of the tropical isle with enough space to accommodate a luxurious resort, lavish real estate, and an 18-hole 73 par golf course.

Victoria Golf is unique because each ‘hole’ boasts of its own splendid view. Spread across 140 acres the 18-hole championship course is ideal for both amateurs and professionals alike.

It is a 73, 6933-yard championship course with undulating grounds for a more challenging game.

It was re-laid with Zorro grass brought in from Georgia (US) and a state-of-the-art irrigation system has been installed. There is a golf academy for dedicated enthusiasts as well as juniors.

According to news events scheduled are, in September the club championship, in October Mark Bostock memorial tournament, in November the Bradby Golf Championship, in December the Junior Championship.

Meanwhile, in January 2022, the Monthly Medal and the Junior Tournament will be held. In February the Donald Steel Tournament will be held.

Experienced golfers have been seen in action at the Victoria Golf and Country Resort. Golf is a hugely sociable game and also a sport at which you can have great fun; even playing it alone.

Many players simply enjoy wandering around the course by themselves, practicing by playing a number of golf balls from different parts of the course or listening discreetly to a music playlist or podcast when they play.

This course is blessed with an idyllic play space for avid golfers and amateurs alike. This centre is an excellence for teaching golf. They offer well-orchestrated training camps for players of all levels with a dedicated team of professional golf coaches.

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