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“We have not stolen a cent of the people’s money”

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NPP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said that neither he nor anyone in his party, who represents the national campaign of  punishing fraudsters and corrupt people, have stolen or wasted even a cent of the public’s money. He said that if it has been done, it is not possible to do politics like this.

He said this while addressing the Gampaha Asana Samuluwa of the NPP.

“We are joined by a group of people who have great hopes and expectations for changing this country. The large gathering of the people of this country around the NPP shows that the people are ready to change the current situation in the country. It has been discussed at various times in history about the creation of a clean country that was previously corrupted by fraud. We will also create an education policy where children can progress according to their abilities and skills.”

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