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Whatever party or colour, Govt should safeguard Buddhist philosophy – Minister

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Whatever party or colour the Government is, it should safeguard Buddhist philosophy. Buddha Sasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs Minister Vidura Wickramanayaka said, on Wednesday (31). He also said that safeguarding Buddhist philosophy means protecting the Dhamma and all other incidental matters.

The Minister made this comment when he participated in the event of merit where the eyes of the ancient Buddha statue belonging to the Dimbulagala, historic Kandegama Dhananjaya Rajamaha Vihara, were restored and laid.

The Minister also said: “There are ancient antiquities and archaeological artefacts for every grain of sand in this country. We live in such a country. However, the resources we have to protect these artefacts are minimal. Whatever difficulties we have, we act with determination and dedication to protect them. We need the cooperation and support of the Maha Sangha, officials, people and everyone in order to ensure that all of these heritages are passed on to the future generation.

“We are preparing a new Act. We will strengthen further laws regarding archaeology through this new Act. We have to create emotions in the future generation through these, that is regarding our heritage and protecting it. We request all citizens of this country to act with dedication in order to safeguard the splendour and grandeur of the past”.

An event of merit was held under the patronage of Buddha Sasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs Minister where the statue of a reclining Buddha which is more than one thousand five hundred years old, located at the Dimbulagala, historic, Kandegama Dhananjaya Rajamaha Vihara which was gradually being destroyed since several years ago as a result of invasions by treasure hunters was renovated by placing of the eyes and unveiling it again.

The renovation of this Buddha statue was carried out under the guidance of the present Chief Incumbent of the temple, Dr. Kandegama Deepawansaalankara Thera with financial contributions from donors under total supervision of the Archaeology Department, based on the directions of the Central Cultural Fund.

This reclining Buddha statue was unearthed during excavations under the Central Cultural Fund Polonnaruwa Project of 2020 and as of today it has been renovated and opened for devotees to pay their respects.

The Venerable Maha Sangha led by historic Dimbulagala Aranya Senasanadhipathi Dimbulagala Rahulalankara Thera, Highways State Minister Siripala Gamlath, Polonnaruwa District MP Jagath Samarawickrema, Central Cultural Fund Director General Prof. Gamini Ranasinghe, Archaeology Acting Director General Nishanthi Jayasinghe, Polonnaruwa District Secretary Sujantha Ekanayake and a group of other people participated in this event.

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