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Will support Govt if proper plan is submitted – Sajith

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“If there is a genuine effort made on a proper plan to develop the country devoid of political agendas, I will give my support,” Opposition Leader Sajith Premedasa said in a special statement in reference to the state that the country has fallen into.

“At this time our country is in the midst of a frightful economic crisis. Close to 60,000 citizens do not have clean water, and due to the drought lacks of harvested land have been ruined” he said. Therefore the livelihood of the farmers and the entire workforce,is lost.

“Close to 5,000 teachers and Specialist doctors have left the country. Due to this situation most of the wards of hospitals have been closed down and surgeries have been postponed” he added.

“Although we are prepared to give the fullest support to the Government for such a plan, the Government does not have a plan.”

He called upon the Government to prepare a plan and should there be a need for experts to facilitate such a plan, the Opposition is prepared to provide such expertise, he added.

“It is not with the expectation of titles but is with the intention of finding solutions for the 220 lakhs of people who have fallen to this predicament,” he said. He requested to do away with the old political outdated methods and to engage new methods absorbing new technology in formulating a plan.

“The SJB is not prepared to be under obligation to titles given and is not prepared to play politics and take political advantage of the situation and betray the people,” he declared.

“The 220 lakhs of people are not going to be fooled by the false reports in media supporting the Government and I am committed to safeguard this country,” he added.

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