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Winning Ryde Gold Medal was memorable, says Abishek Anandakumar

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Former Trinity cricket captain Abishek Anandakumar in action.

Abishek Anandakumar played and captained the first XI school cricket team as an all rounder, for his alma mater Trinity College, Kandy in the Inter-School tournaments. He was also the recipient of the prestigious Ryde Gold Medal at Trinity College. At present Abishek is turning out for Chilaw Marians Cricket Club in the SLC Premier tournament.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily News, Abishek said “Both my parents took part in sports . Because of this when I was young my parents encouraged me to watch and play sports and through that I developed a liking and that’s the main reason why I entered the world of sport

“I would say that my parents have supported me the most. Not to forget the support my friends, teachers and coaches have given me, hence I’m always grateful to all of them. I loved sports since I was small. I’d say my father was a cricketer too, and we used to watch cricket since when I was a toddler and that’s the reason why I chose the game of cricket. Being a cricketer is no easy task, It depends on how you approach it actually. But in general, I would say it’s a pretty challenging thing to do.

“My favourite Cricketer is New Zealand captain Kane Williamson and my favourite leisure time activities are going out with my friends and watching some cricket I’d say. “Thus far my most unforgettable incident was the six wickets I took to win the match for Trinity when St. Anthony’s College Kandy was on top in one of our One Day encounters, hence to date I cherish that moment very much”. “Top most top priorities in my life are God Almighty, my family and friends and my passion”.

“I’d say, I compare myself with Kumar Sangakkara. Reasons are the success he has achieved not only as a cricketer but also as a person. I more or less do what I believe in I “My greatest accomplishment in life is becoming the Ryde Gold Medalist at Trinity College, Kandy.

“The most common compliment I get is when people say I’m very friendly and humble and that I’m a good leader. I value hearing that very much “The pandemic actually taught us endless lessons from which I’d choose learning to manage and work on with what we have without complaining, as the most important thing in life I’m a person, who would enjoy what I have so the answer is yes, I am happy with all my achievements so far. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m satisfied with less. I want to achieve more. But I’m very positive and approach life in a positive manner.

“The most embarrassing moment on the cricket field is as the Key Player of the team in a match where even our captain was injured I played a rash shot to get out. This was a big match and my coach scolded me in front of all the schoolboys who had come to witness the match. That was pretty embarrassing. (However, I took 6 wickets and won the match for my beloved College)

In life I like to describe myself as a happy And a friendly person “When I grow up, I want to be a successful and happy person and surely my favourite holiday destination is England.

“I’d love to be remembered as a person who gave something good to society and served it and that’s the kind of legacy I would like to be remembered for” concluded the former Trinity Cricket Captain Abishek Anandakumar. 

Friday, March 4, 2022 – 01:00

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