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Booru Moona stayed in Negombo hotel after escape from Katunayake Police

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Investigations have revealed that Booru Moona, an underworld criminal who escaped from Katunayake airport police custody, had been staying in a hotel in Negombo for two days after running away from the Katunayake Police Station. Booru Moona, who fled in a yellow Aqua type car from the police station went to Negombo and stayed in a hotel near the sea so as not to attract any suspicion, police sources said. 

It seems that the police gave precedence to punishing police officers who let the criminal out of their clutches rather than tracing the criminal who escaped.

During the investigation, security camera perusal to identify the route the criminal had used to flee from the airport had been done three or four days after the incident, it is said.

A senior police officer said that if Booru Moona’s escape route had been investigated by checking the security cameras on the day of his escape, he could have been arrested in Negombo itself.


Wednesday, March 8, 2023 – 01:00

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