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CID presents list of ten persons for DNA sample identification

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Schaffter’s murder probe

The Criminal Investigation Department yesterday (26) presented a list of ten people to Colombo Additional  Magistrate Rajindra Jayasuriya for a comparison of DNA to identify the two unknown bio-samples recorded in the reports regarding the death of Dinesh Schaffter, director of Janashakti Group.

The person who admitted Dinesh Schaffter to the Colombo National Hospital and the nurses of the National Hospital who gave him emergency treatment are included in that list.

The Criminal Investigation Department filed a motion before the court and stated before the court that they will name ten medical staff members including nurses who treated Schaffter, starting with the staff member who removed the zip tie that tied his hands when he was admitted to the Colombo National Hospital.

The Criminal Investigation Department requested court to order to direct the blood samples of the ten medical staff members who treated Dinesh Schaffter in the emergency department of the Colombo National Hospital to the Government Analyst to obtainDNA reports.

In addition to this, on January 24, a five-member medical committee presided by a Consultant of Colombo University’s Faculty of Pathology Dr.Asela Mendis requested the blood samples of Brian Thomas also sent for DNA reports. Cricket commentator Brian Thomas, who is known as a business friend of Dinesh Schaffter has telephoned him and messaged him through WhatsApp social network.

The Magistrate issued orders to forward the blood sample of cricket commentator Brian Thomas to the Government Analyst for DNA reports. On January 24, the Government Analyst reported to the court that there were two alien biological samples in the water bottle used by deceased Dinesh Schaffter and the cable that strangled him and the zip tie that was tied on both his hands.

Accordingly, the blood samples of four people, including the two employees of Borella Cemetery and the police officers, were forwarded to the Government Analyst for DNA reports. The Government Analyst reported facts to the court that the DNA of their biosamples had not matched with the alien biosamples. Accordingly, the Government Analyst requested the court to direct the other persons to submit blood samples for further matching.

According to that request, the Criminal Investigation Department filed a report with the court naming the ten medical staff members including nurses of the Colombo National Hospital.

In addition to this, the Criminal Investigation Department reported to the court that according to the reports of the Government Analyst, the vomit on Dinesh Schaffter’s shirt had contained some kind of poison.

The court also ordered that report to be submitted to the five-member medical committee presided by Dr. Asela Mendis.


Thursday, April 27, 2023 – 01:00

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