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Digital Motor sports is becoming popular in Sri Lanka says Sheran Cooke

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He said that the lockdown restrictions increased the online gaming presence creating an unique opportunity for the CMSC to launch the “Race from home” campaign. Players and racing enthusiasts were able to compete in a 10 round championship from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

The ‘Dirt Rally Challenge’ introduced by CMSC is currently in progress

Cooke said that Virtual Racing was recognized by the IOC and the world governing body (FIA) for motorsports as an Olympic Sport early this year and pointed out that Digital motorsports has been gaining popularity rapidly amongst youth around the world as online international racing events are watched by millions of viewers.

The advancement of technology has assisted in creating not only high tech visuals and virtual race tracks but also progressed into creating the ultimate racing experience safely with race simulators known as ‘play seats’ that give the driver the feeling of every turn and bump on the track sans injuries.

In recognition of Sri Lanka’s contribution towards the Digital motor sports industry and its progress Cooke said that CMSC’s President Niroshan Pereira was elected as the Vice President of the World Digital Motor sports Council.

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