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Gapstars amongst ‘Best Workplaces for Millennials in Sri Lanka’

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Gapstars’ team of IT professionals now consists of 120+ individuals, with 90% of its workforce comprising millennials. The company has always prioritised maintaining a healthy corporate culture and is now described by its employees as an inclusive workplace that celebrates their differences and provides growth opportunities to all.

The company first facilitated numerous visits for its Sri Lankan team members to its client headquarters in Amsterdam. Through its specialised training programme called Moonshot, the company also helps map out a detailed personal roadmap on how employees can grow over the course of their careers.

“At Gapstars, we have an open-door policy. While working on the job, you’ll find yourself picking up new skills that you might previously have considered to be out of your wheelhouse. So it’s a constant cycle of learning and growth,” said Head of Operations at Gapstars, Meditha Karunatillaka.

During the pandemic, the company chose not to implement salary cuts and paid its employees on time, while instituting a ‘Work from Home’ policy. At the same time, Gapstars implemented a special COVID-19 medical insurance scheme and arranged for special care packages of essentials for employees in quarantine.

Gapstars has also made consistent efforts towards offering more opportunities to empower women in the local IT industry; approximately 30% of the Gapstars workforce consists of women that are working across a variety of sectors.

On these efforts, Senior Manager Marketing at Gapstars, Asma Cader, stated, “As a tech firm, we are all too aware of the gender imbalance within the workforce. This is why Gapstars is fully committed to employing and empowering more women to grow in their careers and establish themselves as leaders and role models.”

Gapstars also hosts several company events throughout the year, including an annual cricket tournament, a year-end bash, and many other social events in between. As Meditha explained, “At Gapstars the work-life balance isn’t simply a system of flexible hours of working from home options. It’s about making everyone feel like they belong and celebrating our diverse personalities.”

The CEO of Gapstars, Hugo Hemmen commented, “Whether it is great technical expertise, timely delivery, or simply the assurance that comes from a trusted developer relationship, in the end, it’s our people who make the difference. We have created an environment for talented people with a culture where people can bring their whole selves to work and flourish.”

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