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Grand Hollywood movie premiere for ‘Jungle Cruise’

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Johnson, also a producer on the film, in an on-stage speech paid tribute to Walt Disney who opened the Anaheim park in July 1955 with the Jungle Cruise ride as one of its original attractions.

Disney pulled out all the stops for the ‘Jungle Cruise’ premiere which temporarily closed a handful of rides and canceled fireworks on Saturday while giving regular park goers a chance to see the stars of the movie, led by Johnson and Blunt who took the Jungle Cruise ride before hitting the red carper at the Fantasyland Theater.

One of the first big Hollywood film premieres since moviegoing restarted this spring following a yearlong Covid-related theater shutdown, the Jungle Cruise opener marked the first major public event for many of the attendees who had to provide proof of vaccination or a negative PCR Covid test.

The premiere brought back a sense of normalcy with most movie premiere staples returning intact — from a fan pen and multiple interview stops on the red carpet for the cast, to character costume display and multiple photo ops for guests, to buckets of popcorn — and a nearly hour late screening start.


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