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Jaswar pledges to herald new era for Sri Lanka football

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“We will begin our new journey after the 2022 World Cup since Asia will get seven berths to qualify. This will herald a new era for football in Sri Lanka,” Jaswar said after assuming office at Football House in Colombo, yesterday.

“Now the elections are over. Let us work together to restart football in Sri Lanka,” said Jaswar, who has sought the cooperation of Dr. Manil Fernando and his camp.

The FSL President hopes to implement constitutional reforms and activate dormant leagues such as Kandy, Kurunegala, Akkaraipattu, Pooneryn, and Kayts.

The brainchild of the Super League, Jaswar said he aims to kick-off and make it a more professional organization and raise the standards than what it was before.

“It was brought to my notice by the playing clubs that with the pandemic they are finding it difficult to survive. My top priority is to help them financially to keep the game going,” he said.

He also confirmed that the services of head coach and FSL Technical Director Amir Alagic will be retained, and the National pool will continue preparations for upcoming tournaments.

Jaswar also stressed that he would take prompt measures to reduce the number of members in the Executive Committee, which has swelled to 28, to a maximum of 16 officials.

Since his period in office is limited to one year, he hopes to lay the foundation to implement as many of his policies as possible before the next election.

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