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Kudu Salindu’s mother files petition in CA

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AG wants petition dismissed without hearing

The Attorney General who objected to the petition filed by the mother of Kudu Salindu alias  Salindu Malshika Gunaratne who is said to be a large-scale drug trafficker, requested the Court of Appeal to dismiss it without taking it up for hearing.

Deputy Solicitor General Shanil Kularatne, who appeared before the Court of Appeal on behalf of the Attorney General, made this request stating that the writ petition, which has been filed based on media reports and assumptions, cannot be maintained as it is not based on legal facts.

The Deputy Solicitor General made this request when a petition filed by the mother of Kudu Salindu was called before the President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Nissanka Bandula Karunaratne and Judge of the Court of Appeal Justice M. A R Marikkar.

President’s Counsel Nalin Ladduwahetty who appeared for the petitioner, stated that he had received information that his client had been taken into custody by the Sri Lankan security forces in Madagascar and had been brought to Sri Lanka.

He stated that four warrants have been issued against him by the Magistrate’s Courts and he has not been presented to any court so far and there are doubts regarding his safety.

President’s Counsel Ladduwahetty noted that a petition was filed when underworld gang leader Makandure Madush was arrested asking for his life be secured. He said that Makandure Madush was killed before the petition could be considered. The President’s Counsel pointed out that there is a similar risk with respect to his client.

He requested to issue an interim restraining order directing the respondents to produce him who is currently under arrest.

Deputy Solicitor General Shanil Kularatne who appeared for the Attorney General, stated that he did not know anything about the current situation regarding the arrest of Salindu Malshika alias Kudu Salindu and stated that he should consult the respondents regarding the petition.

The DSG stated that a writ petition should be based on legal facts, but this petition is based on mere assumptions, so it cannot be continued.

The President of the Court of Appeal asked the Deputy Solicitor General whether a certificate can be given to confirm the safety of the suspect, and the Deputy Solicitor General stated that such a certificate cannot be given.

He stated that after consulting the petition, the position of the Attorney General can be informed and objections are expected to be filed regarding the petition.

Sharini Malkanthi Fernando, mother of Sellaperumage Salindu Malshika Gunaratne alias Kudu Salindu had filed this petition. CID Director SSP Kavinda Piyasekera, CID DIG Prasad Ranasinghe among others cited as respondents.


Thursday, March 16, 2023 – 01:00

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