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‘Mora Wala’ beach in Negombo to get tourist facility worth Rs. 450 Mn.

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‘Hot spot patronized by kings and colonial rulers’ to be reactivated for tourists :
‘Mora Wala’ beach in Negombo
‘Mora Wala’ beach in Negombo

In a bid to introduce heritage tourism to Negombo tourism belt, one of the pioneers in the hotel and aviation industry in the area, Mervyn Ferndopulle will be reactivating one of the first tourists ‘hot spots patronized by kings and colonial rulers. ‘

Fernandopulle who is the Chairman of both Airwing Tours and three star property, Royal Castle Hotel Negombo said that after intense studies he found that ‘Mora Wala’ beach in Negombo was used Dutch and English people for over 300 years. “It is said that last King of Sri Lanka Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe who had travelled all the way from Kandy to enjoy the sea on many occasions had had insisted from British rulers that he be given accommodation in Mora Wala area and allowed to use the beach and sea before he was deported.”

“People living in the area know about this venue but sadly it has not been promoted and marketed as a heritage tourism site especially for Dutch and English tourists.”

Since Negombo does not have a site that offers such archaeological value and a beach and a sea where people could bathe during the entire year, I decided to promote this venue as a new heritage tourist destination.”

I also have one acre plus land and a small bungalow with three rooms overlooking the ‘Mora Wala beach and will now invest around Rs. 450 million to build six luxury cabanas along with an open restaurant and take the lead in introducing tourism to the area. I am also looking for an international investor for this project and to market this concept globally.’

Fernandopulle former President of Small and Medium Tourists Hotels Association (ASMED) said with this project taking off the community in the area too could benefit and this was another reason for him to invest in the area.

He said that tourism is now picking up and he also plans to build a second hotel adjoining Royal Castle Hotel Negombo. “I hope to build 40 rooms with an investment of Rs. 700 million and offer them to long stay guests.”

He said that Royal Castle Hotel Negombo too is being upgraded and has taken steps to re-introduce a special 75 cover nightclub with DJ music and other entertainment. “We have also reopened the ‘The Happenings’ rooftop restaurant and entertainment area adjoining the region’s first rooftop swimming pool.”

Royal Castle Negombo also offers guests who enjoy partying an exclusive bar – ‘Spazio Pub’ – with a trendy ambience and perfect mix of fun and music. (SS)

Thursday, March 9, 2023 – 01:00

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