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‘’ takes off in SL, connects global sourcing industry

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Pataz enables an online subscription-based platform to connect and support bulk buyers and sellers to meet global demand, fulfilling the dire need of an international marketplace for Sri Lankan businesses of various scales and scope.

Co-Founder Andy De Silva has expertise as an inventor, product developer, and distributor, making him an ideal ally in this avenue. He co-founded the American distribution company Hotel Emporium Inc., which services over 14,000 hotels worldwide.

Andy’s business partner Chamli Tennakoon is a Sri Lankan living in the US, who has wide-ranging experience in digital strategy and digital marketing. His background in consumer neuroscience has given him unparalleled insight into the B2B marketplace, earning him prestigious positions with industry giants worldwide.

“Pataz allows us to connect more than 100 variables when someone is searching for a particular factory or manufacturer, or creating a profile to build their business. With higher verifications than competing platforms, our people-to-people network is even ideal for small entrepreneurial companies looking to expand their reach,” stated Pataz Co-Founder Tennakoon.

“Our competitors are country-specific, leaving buyers and sellers from other parts of the globe at a disadvantage. Pataz goes beyond connecting buyers and sellers on a single global platform, making it easy to source manufacturers and products from all over the world.”

Pataz is driven by influencers, who are individuals with the capabilities to promote the platform among manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of products within their region, or anywhere in the world. Once influencers are assigned, they assist customers and connect them to the global supply chain, making them an essential part of Pataz.

Accounting for more than 100 unique attributes, subscribers can use the platform to gain global exposure for their products and services, joining a B2B network with buyers and other suppliers from across the world.

Once a business creates a listing on Pataz, it gains exposure in the global marketplace. That means any time someone is searching for a particular product or service from anywhere in the world, they can be displayed on relevant listings. If a business wants to stand out from the crowd and its competitors, it can buy a sponsored placement, gaining more visibility and faster access to potential clients.

“Tennakoon and I are both originally from Sri Lanka, and we want to help boost Sri Lanka’s export industry and guide local factories to reach a larger global market. We are excited to see Sri Lanka’s growth with the launch of Pataz,” Andy further noted. invites manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers to sign up and experience the platform on

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