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PC posing as OIC after alcohol arrested in Kalmunai

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Kalmunai Police yesterday arrested a newly recruited police constable who had gone to a restaurant in Kalmunai and demanded alcohol free pretending to be the Elpitiya Police OIC. He has been arrested by the Kalmunai Police after the restaurant

management complained to police that a person posing as Elpitiya OIC was behaving under the influence of alcohol.

The Kalmunai Police OIC who has gone there as the hotel management complained that an OIC was behaving in an unruly manner has realized that he is not a police officer at first glance. He has taken steps to confirm his identity through his officers.

It has been revealed that he is not the Elpitiya OIC but an apprentice police constable attached to the Elpitiya Police. Police arrested him on suspicion.

Thursday, March 9, 2023 – 01:10

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