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Prepare new Constitution fast – Sampanthan

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The President requesting another period of two years to prepare a Constitution suitable for the country is not justifiable, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Leader R. Sampanthan said on Wednesday. He said President Gotabaya Rajapaksa should focus  his attention immediately on compiling a new Constitution.

Parliamentarian Sampanthan made this comment while expressing his views on the speech the President made in Anuradhapura recently.

He said further that if the President is attempting to find solutions for the Tamil problem in the country as well as other problems through a new Constitution, he should expedite preparing it.

“The President appointed a special committee to look into preparing a new constitution. Even though several months have passed since then there is no mention of the activities of the committee. We submitted many facts to this committee. Other Tamil parties too did the same thing. We do not know what happened regarding those facts that were presented. Up to now we have not been informed about anything. The reason for all these delays is the objection and the indolence of granting something to the Tamil people through the Constitution. However, the Tamil people in this country have to have rights,” he commented.

“Many things were destroyed due to the 30-year war. A solution should be granted for the Tamil people at least now. Therefore, the country requires a new empowered Constitution which will provide solutions to the Tamil people’s problems,” he added.

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