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Public helpless, essentials have skyrocketed – sjb

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Kaviratne also said that while the prices of rice, sugar and dhal have skyrocketed, the people are suffering due to the lack of milk powder and gas and it has now been established that the government has no plans to control the prices of goods.

MP Kaviratne pointed out that the government had misled the people by saying that essential commodities would be provided at concessionary prices and that the people were waiting for an election to respond to such unrealized promises.

Kaviratne said that on the one hand, the people who were helpless without access to essential commodities such as rice, milk powder, gas and salmon were now unable to find employment with the expansion of the pandemic and on the other hand, all the money in the country belongs to the same family.

Kaviratne also said that due to the government’s economic policy of making the poor poorer and the rich richer, a large number of people are now in a desperate situation and the people are now beginning to react against the government’s actions.

Kaviratne said that farmers, teachers and workers who belonged to Pancha Maha Balawegaya have now taken to the streets against the government. She also said that a crisis was being created between the parties contesting under the SLPP and it is on the verge of erupting due to the fact that there is no proper communication between these parties.

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