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Sanasa Life Insurance wins two World Economics Awards

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The flexibility and the compassion shown by Sanasa Life Insurance, particularly at a time when many companies were struggling to do business, has been praised by many social and economic analysts.

In addition, Sanasa Life Insurance has engaged in several social service activities, including delivering essential food and beverages to households, providing face masks and face shields, and making financial contributions to the National Covid-19 Fund. Sanasa Life Insurance has unarguably ascended to the status of the foremost sustainable microinsurance company in Sri Lanka because of its role in providing benefits of insurance to the rural population throughout Sri Lanka. Therefore, Sanasa Life Insurance has established itself in the minds of the people as an institution that carries out socially responsible activities that goes beyond what other businesses do. “As a company working for the welfare of the rural people, we have worked for the benefit of all our stakeholders, even amid the covid-19 pandemic. We will continue to take our business to people with different financial means and fulfil our responsibility of addressing their needs,” says Sanasa Life Insurance CEO Indika Kirivandeniya.

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