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Shooter misses ‘Welle Saranga’s brother, firearm found

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A man who came in a Wagon R car, dressed as a Muslim woman, opened fire on the brother of the underworld criminal named “Welle Saranga” who has fled the country and running his drug trade from overseas yesterday morning.  

The shooting was carried out using a T-56 firearm.

Investigations have shown that the shooter had missed his target and Saranga’s brother had run away.

Saranga’s brother along with his wife appeared for an assault case pending against them in the Aluthkade court and were travelling in a three-wheeler to their home in Mattakkuliya when they were shot at.

Many shots were fired but those shots hit a nearby wall and the three-wheeler. The police also found four empty shells of the ammunition fired from the T-56 weapon on the ground at the place where the shooting took place.

The black Wagon R type car in which the shooter came was found abandoned in the Grandpass Igurukade Junction area.

Apart from that, the T-56 weapon and a pistol which were said to have been used in the shooting were also found at the scene. Police are investigating.


Wednesday, March 8, 2023 – 01:00

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