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SJB to protest rising prices and queues on April 7

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The Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) will conduct a series of protest campaigns on April 7 to urge the Government to reduce the escalating prices of essential consumer items considering the plight of the poorer sections.

SJB National organizer Tissa Attanayaka said it was sad to say that people in long queues could be seen everywhere to buy essential commodity items such as milk powder, gas, petrol, diesel, kerosene oil and many other goods due to the inability of the Government to provide them with adequate goods.

He said everybody knows that this is a people’s elected Government with highest number of votes and why the officials have not yet taken any measures to provide the consumers without putting them into further difficulties. Attanayaka also expressed concern on the daily power cuts and said this has affected people as well as thousands of workers in the manufacturing sector. “Even large scale manufacturers in the garment sector cannot continue with their daily production due to the shortage of diesel to generate electricity,” he said. Attanayaka also urged relevant ministers in the Government to come forward and reveal the people the exact reason why the Government is in the habit of increasing the prices of certain commodity items, especially milk powder, wheat flour, petrol and diesel overnight.

“I think the top people in the Government as well as some ministers still cannot understand the pulse of daily paid people in the country and this is why they are silent over the price increase of commodity items,” he added.


Wednesday, March 30, 2022 – 01:05

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