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SLFP cannot be destroyed, will bounce back – CBK

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Former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga yesterday said that the Sri Lanka Freedom Party cannot be destroyed by nefarious forces and she will be committed to moulding a generation who can shoulder the Party to victory.

The former President in a message to mark the 70th anniversary  of the Party founded by his father said the SLFP was founded by the legendary leader with a good intent and such a Party cannot be destroyed by nefarious forces.

“The huge tree of SLFP cannot be killed by cutting off from the trunk.The roots of this huge tree that have gone deep into the earth may help bring a sapling. “This process will take time but that will definitely take place in the future. I may not be alive by that day, she said. She said that she did not support the United National Party at the 2015 Election. “We wanted to form a broader alliance and this alliance was led by me,” she said.

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