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“SLPA leading and role model SOE in SL”

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Sri Lanka Port Authority (SLPA) in comparison to the other state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in Sri Lanka is the leading SOE amongst them, said the Additional Director General of the Department of Public Enterprises B.A.T. Rodrigo. “SLPA has been a role model to others SOEs”

He made these comments at the Annual Performance Review Meeting (APRM) of SLPA for the year 2022 at its headquarters in Colombo.

Speaking at the event, the Chairman of SLPA Keith D. Bernard expressed his perspective on the organisation’s future direction.

He acknowledged SLPA’s recent achievements and progress in completing the East Container Terminal (ECT) and stressed the need for strategic planning with government support for the future.

“At present, SLPA serves as the regulator, operator, and landlord of our ports. In our capacity as the landlord, we possess assets throughout the country, and all commercial ports fall under the purview of SLPA. Additionally, we compete directly with private operators as operators ourselves. Therefore, we must carefully consider whether our role as operators should remain independent or involve collaboration with other operators. It’s crucial that we approach this strategically and define our precise role in this sector for the future,” he said.

Bernard also highlighted the significance of conducting a self-assessment in the pursuit of good governance within the organisation.

“We have commendable ministerial support and boast a talented team of dedicated professionals who tirelessly work towards the success of our port.

While we have encountered challenges in the past, we are confident that, leveraging our strengths, we can overcome any hurdles.

SLPA has the potential to serve as an exemplary model for the private sector, leading the way and becoming a guiding beacon for all institutions in Sri Lanka,” he said.

Chairman SLPA, said that entities incorporated under any statute other than the Companies Act must have an APRM every year where the annual report is presented.

In terms of the Guidelines for Corporate Governance of PED Circular No. 1/2021 dated November 16, 2021, it is important that the SOEs maintain continuous communication with their stakeholders at all times through mandatory requirements such as the Annual Report.

“Such disclosure of information ensures transparency and accountability without compromising any statutory or operational requirements of the entity.”

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