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Special dengue control programme after rise in cases

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Over 1,800 patients being reported per week

The Western Provincial Council, Local Government agencies, regional secretariats  and other institutions have jointly taken measures to launch a special dengue control programme from yesterday (26) onwards.

Health Ministry’s Dengue Control Unit Community Physician Dr. Nimalka Pannilahetti told at a special media conference on the “Special Dengue Control Programme in the Western province to control the Spread of Dengue Disease” at the Health Promotion Bureau that 28,446 dengue cases have been reported from Sri Lanka so far, and the total number of cases reported last year was 76,889. Dr. Pannilahetti further stated that the number of cases reported in the few months of this year is significant. The doctor said that about 1,800 patients are being reported per week, and 50% of them are reported from the Western Province.

She said that with the upcoming monsoon, there is a tendency for the number of dengue cases to increase and said that the number of patients reported every month this year is higher compared to the last two years.

She emphasized that there is a decrease in dengue cases reported in Kaluthara district, and special attention should be paid to the increase in cases in Gampaha district.

“Around 25 percent of the reported cases of dengue are school-going children, and there is a significant spread of dengue in schools, so special attention should be paid to that.” she added. Dr. Nimalka further said that the increase in dengue cases in the age group of 20-59 is about 62 percent and 15 people have died due to dengue this year.

She also mentioned that in the special dengue control programme starting today, the relevant teams will go from the office level of the medical officer to the ground level and work together with the residents and the employees of the institutions.


Thursday, April 27, 2023 – 01:20

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