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Stay indoors and help contain COVID-19 spread

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Issuing a statement, she stated that the situation in the country is dire owing to the ongoing pandemic and requested the public to refrain from accessing the city of Colombo, the hub of the COVID-19 virus.

She said that COVID-19 is spreading rapidly throughout the country, and the number of deaths is also increasing day by day.

“The Presidential Task Force is taking many efforts to control the current situation, yet we are at a crucial juncture. We are now moving towards an unprecedented level of deaths across the country, especially with the number of COVID-19 patients reported from Colombo. The number of deaths per hour is now higher than the number reported a few months ago. Entering Colombo means you are at severe risk. Therefore, do not enter the City except for an emergency,” she said.

Moreover, she added that all workers who enter Colombo should take utmost care and act in a responsible manner.
Senanayake said that COVID-19 patients have been reported in every area within the Colombo City limits and many businesses and workplaces.

She urged residents and all those who come to Colombo not to roam about the City even though the country has been kept open due to the need to continue essential services and supplies.

Mayor Senanayake urged all citizens to adhere to the strict inter-provincial travel restrictions.

“Medical experts now say that the COVID-19 Delta strain, which is currently spreading in Sri Lanka, can be transmitted from person to person in as little as 15 seconds. It took about 10 minutes for the first strain of the virus to do so. It shows the gravity of the situation we are facing.

“The Public Health Department of the Colombo Municipal Council has been working 24 hours a day for more than a year to control this pandemic. Our health sector has the energy to do that, but all we need now is the cooperation of the citizens,” she added.

The Mayor also urged anyone who has not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19 to get vaccinated as soon as possible. She said those who have got both vaccines should not be complacent and follow the health guidelines without thinking that the vaccine alone will help combat the virus.

She further said that if a person wants to get a service, try to get it online whenever possible and added that many services related to the Colombo Municipal Council had been made available online.

“I urge all of you who live in Colombo and those who come to Colombo and the people running businesses to strictly adhere to health guidelines. We have observed that some employees take unnecessary risks thinking that they will lose their jobs if they are unable to go to work during the pandemic situation. Therefore, it is the responsibility of employers to create a working environment that employees feel safe to work in,” she added

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