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Traffic Sergeant loses Licence Book, ASP to inquire

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The misplacement of a Temporary Driving Licence book which was in the custody of a traffic Sergeant who was on Night Traffic Duty in Ampara has prompted an ASP to conduct an investigation.

The reason for that was the inability of the Sergeant to produce the lost book or account for when he returned to the station after his duty round, as to what had happened to that book.

On that day, there had been two Sergeants assigned for traffic duty. Those two had been on mobile duty on a motorcycle, carrying the book with them.

Upon catching errand drivers, they would take the original licences of the violators and issue a Temporary Licence , signed by them and it is that book that has been lost.

A higher official said that the lost book is said to have contained, Licenses with numbers ranging from AA/36 348951 to AA/36 349000 and that there had been only twenty seven licenses carrying the numbers ranging from AA/36 348973 to AA/36 349000.

Those numbers have been already made known to Traffic Officers all over the island, by the Police Headquarters, that had been to prevent the possibility of them being used unauthorized to drive.

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