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VLCC introduces Elixir Therapy in Sri Lanka with outstanding weight loss results

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Modern day lifestyles and the constant rat race for success have left a large portion of the global population unhealthy and unfit. More so by the food choices we make in order to keep up with the pace of life. Fast food is rampant, yet the most unhealthy alternative. However, there are simple methods to getting your body, mind and soul in track for a healthier and more fruitful life. 

Most people with their busy lifestyles also have no time for exercise and often find themselves obese at a very young age with ailments that are more common in the older generation. However VLCC, founded by Vandana Luthra in 1989 has an answer to safe, quick and hassle free weight loss.

For decades VLCC has revolutionised the wellness and beauty services industry in India and in a number of locations outside of India such as South Asia, South East Asia, East Africa and many more, offering a range of weight loss solutions and therapeutic beauty treatments.

Currently, there are two wellness centres operating in Sri Lanka where the services offered to the customers and everything from the appliances to the treatments and products are administered by qualified medical professionals and only used after extensive research conducted by the research and development team at VLCC.

One of the common issues that contribute to problems such as weight gain, ageing and physiological changes are toxins. Although, the topic of the adverse effects of toxins in our bodies is not talked about often and given much emphasis, it is one of the leading factors that contribute to a large variety of illnesses and diseases. Buildup of toxins in our bodies can result in effects such as aging, inflammation, fatigue and even weight gain. 

Given the right environment, diet and healthy lifestyle our body is capable of healing itself, getting rid of metabolic waste and toxins that we ingest from polluted environments, unhealthy food, chemicals and preservatives in our diet. These toxins accumulate over time and begin to overwhelm the body’s self-healing, accelerating the process of ageing, making the body’s normally alkaline internal environment, interfering with the flow of energy, reducing functional capacity of our vital organs and leaving us feeling lethargic, suffering mood swings, causing anxiety and depression, insomnia, and eating disorders that lead to weight gain.

To combat these toxins VLCC introduces Elixir Therapy, the premium weight-loss therapy for a slimmer and younger you. It is a well-researched combination of ancient practices and modern science focused on helping the body to heal and rejuvenate itself. VLCC Elixir Therapy helps the body naturally by using special essential oils, balancing the vital energy of Ying and Yang using acupressure points, opening up blocked energy channels, and helping lymphatic drainage through specialised therapeutic processes using modern technologies to accelerate the healing process and accelerating weight loss.

Elixir Therapy is the ultimate solution for those who struggle with weight gain, ageing or fatigue. The treatments administered under the Elixir Therapy is designed to help combat and reduce the toxicity levels in an individual’s body and the reduction in toxicity will increase energy levels, reduce weight gain and slow down the process of aging. It not only cleanses the body of toxins and promotes acid base balance but also accelerates weight loss, reverses the effects of ageing, gives mental and physical relaxation, keeps the mind and body calm, promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, relieves water retention in the body, strengthens the immune system, helps reduce chronic pains, migraine, headaches, and reduces stress, anxiety and depression.

With the unique Elixir Therapy clients have lost as much as 400-600g per session with an overall loss of 10-12cm from their body and 4-6cm in problematic areas. To witness the same kind of transformation VLCC has two centres in convenient locations in Colombo 7 and Nugegoda. Please call on 0112 674174-5 or 0112 828765-6 respectively or book free trials on

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